I live with a very simple phrase when it comes to business and it’s one that came to me many years ago with the wish for others to see doing business in this same way.  Business is the lifeblood of society and allows for sustainability to be part of our lives from sustainable income for people who work for us to a sustainable environment from what we practice and teach to a sustainable community which is what we are all trying to build.  So with it comes the phrase that I live and breathe.  

Business is Personal.  

Business is a life-giving system from which we provide for our families and the families of our employees.  It has to be done with ethics and love and unity and has a direct impact on our personal lives and thereby business cannot be seen as solely a form of making money.  We must also see our products, services, or technology we are providing as our creation (a part of us).  

We view business as a means for us to be of service to humanity.  There is no greater joy than the all-encompassing feeling of being of service to someone other than yourself.  Our ability to have service so central to our mission is thanks to our parents and mentors throughout life.  The commitment to the betterment of the condition of the world cannot be only part of our lives.  It has to encompass all decisions in our work and business life, our family lives, our consumption whether digital or physical, and our spiritual life.  How then can one say… “It’s business, don’t take it personally…” 

Everything we do is personal.  Our decisions are what make us who we are.  

I was raised in a Bahai family and feel blessed to be part of this Faith.   It was when I was about 30 years old that I truly embraced the Faith for myself.  I was at a Social and Economic Conference and had an epiphany.  This paradigm shift took me from looking at my spiritual faith being something that I could benefit from to what I can do for the world with the spiritual foundation I have at my fingertips to make the world a better place.  It’s why we make all the choices we do and some of the choices are difficult and painful, however, we know that at the end of the day they are always the right decisions when done in service and being open to the answers brought to us.

In line with these thoughts comes an infinite mindset where we build and give for the benefit of others and when we see the fruition of our goals and when we do indeed solve a pain point for others or bring a well-needed service, we will get paid in both monetary and personal growth.  

Shahin Enayati

Director/Co-Founder Made Noble Corporation